A Perfectly Good-Enough Media Center

Jan 28

I recently did a review of my cable bill and nearly had a heart attack. I was spending over $150 a month on a package that included literally hundreds of channels. And I didn't watch any of them. Meanwhile, my house was (literally) littered with movie DVDs no one watched because they were a) not in the case, b) not near the T.V., and/or c) not free of scratches and various sticky residues. This was a situation clearly in search of an overly complicated technical solution.

Dan Ziemecki

Calibre Book Server, and Everything Else

Oct 03

If you like to read, you could do a lot worse than to set up up a library using the Calibre ecosystem. Recently, that's just what I did, and I'd be pretty proud of myself if it wasn't for the fact that it was so darned easy. Well, mostly.

Dan Ziemecki

Ubuntu 13.04: A Little Deeper

May 27

A few weeks ago, I stated that it wouldn't be fair to pass judgement on Ubuntu 10.04 just yet. But that was before I took the plunge, fully installed it as a dual boot, and actually used it in my day-to-day activities. At this point, I think it’s safe to go there.

Dan Ziemecki

Ubuntu 13.04, Mint 14, and VMWare

May 10

This is not a review. I haven't spent enough time on this to be fair. Based on my findings so far, I probably won't.

Dan Ziemecki

Windows 8 & Classic Shell

Feb 27

I really tried to like it. I gave it a full month to show me why it was better. It never really did.

Dan Ziemecki

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