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Windows 8 & Classic Shell

I really tried to like it. I gave it a full month to show me why it was better. It never really did.


Review: PocketCloud

This weekend, I was looking for a way to get a little more utility out of my new Nexus 7, and I came across an app from "Wyse Technology" called PocketCloud. I have to say I was pretty impressed.

AutoHotKey: Never Use 20 Keys When You Can Use 2

Have you ever wondered why you have to go through the same complex process of keystrokes over and over? Have you ever accidentally hit a useless key and wondered why that thing even existed? Have you ever wanted to be able to automate tasks on your PC, draw simple User Interfaces, or create conditional key mappings with a single, tiny tool set? If so, the folks over at AutoHotKey might be able to help you out.

Review: AudioGalaxy

I've played with home radio apps in the past, things like Icecast and Shoutcast, as a way to have easy access to my rather large music collection. They've been "ok", but they've always seemed a little kludgy, and in this age of mobile access, the app suite really wasn't fully formed. On top of that, these were more broadcast tools than music selection tools. What if I wanted to hear something different than what my playlist was offering me right now?

[UPDATE] Google bought these guys and turned the lights off. I'm using Subsonic these days. 2/27/13


Contracts. Read them.

I have to assume that the vast majority of people who sign contracts don't read them. That's about the only justification I can imagine for some of the contracts I've seen recently. The people drawing them up are working on the assumption that they will never have to justify what they've written. Like the proverbial grad student inserting a $20 bill into their thesis at the campus library, they insert clauses almost just to prove no one will ever read them.


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