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Drupal: GeSHi Code Filtering

Recently, while searching through the web for a code snippet, I can across a site where the code was displayed just as it would look in an IDE. The comments, functions, variables, operators, etc, were all highlighted in different colors. This made the code really pop out, so that you could more easily follow the variables through a function, or ignore the comments. I thought that I had to get me some of that.

PHP: Random MP3 Collector

I have a pretty nifty little SanDisk MP3 player I like to use in my car. It'll play almost anything and will hold a fairly large cache of songs so that I can put it on random and pleasantly surprise myself with little nuggets of aural goodness. Unfortunately, I have to manual select files from my relatively large collection to add to the MP3 player which, in addition to being a bit of work, removes a large chunk of the serendipity from the experience. So, naturally, I wrote something to fix that.


Linux: Ubuntu 10.04 Impressions

Needing a good environment for some web projects I've been putting off, I recently built out one of my spare PCs with Ubuntu 10.04. I've generally been a fan of the CentOS distributions for server purposes, but I've been so impressed with the strides Canonical has been making on the desktop, I figured they deserved a look as a server platform. The two word review is, "Good enough".

Tools: Office Live

MicroSoft has released Office Live, or at least a version of it, to the public and it looks pretty good. In fact, it looks almost exactly like Office 2010 such that, were you running it in a frameless browser, you might not notice it was a web app. At least until you tried to print something (not enabled), or try to open a OneNote notebook (also not enabled). It comes with 25GB of storage, which is quite a lot for documents. It imports doc and docx well, unless tracking is turned on - that should be obvious but it's still annoying.

Productivity: The Next Step

I've become quite the disciple of the "Getting Things Done" methodology and it's many variations in the last few years. I've found it brings a clarity to one's obligations and goals that I've simply never been able to achieve through any other means. There are an innumerable number of tips and tricks one can use to manage one's tasks, but one of David Allen's best points was made almost as an aside in his book.


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