Case Flipping By Hot-Key

There's this one app I work in that has the annoying feature of activating my Caps Lock key on certain screens. Depending upon how much keyboard work I'm doing, I might not notice until I write one of my associates a text message and find that I'm screaming at them about the time I hit the "Send" key. They are used to the app so they just laugh when they see it. But, in my mind, there is virtually no annoyance too trivial to fix with an overly complex script. Or four of them,

Actions on USB Recognition

I endeavor to keep a sort of "Chinese Wall" between my work and personal computing and, as such, try not to install or store personal stuff on the company hardware. I generally make an effort to keep stuff like music files and media players on thumb drives or, for larger stuff, USB drives. Sometimes, to save a few steps, I like to automatically kick off related activities when I insert or remove USB devices. This is how I do it.

Evernote Due Date Workaround

Man, I love me some Evernote. It's like Texas Pete: I use it with EVERYthing. But the folks running the shop there are a bunch of turtle-neck wearing iSnobs, and all the coolest stuff they do comes last to Windows. And it arrives buggy. And kinda stays that way.

Productivity is a bit of a hobby with me, so I was rather happy when Reminders finally came to Evernote on Windows. But the reminders come with an amazing failure: There is no simple way to view notes that are due, or overdue, today. And, oddly enough, those are the only notes I really care about.

AutoHotKey: Never Use 20 Keys When You Can Use 2

Have you ever wondered why you have to go through the same complex process of keystrokes over and over? Have you ever accidentally hit a useless key and wondered why that thing even existed? Have you ever wanted to be able to automate tasks on your PC, draw simple User Interfaces, or create conditional key mappings with a single, tiny tool set? If so, the folks over at AutoHotKey might be able to help you out.

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