Running Calibre as a Service with NSSM

Calibre (pronounced like the bullet) is one of my all-time favorite applications. It allows me to store, manage, and remotely access all of my ebooks in DRM-free formats, across a number of appliances, and share them with my family as well. It supports dozens of powerful community-written plug-ins, allows batch meta-data editing, has a built-in web-server, and converts books to and from multiple popular formats. But it was written as a single-user desktop application, which comes with certain limitations that are difficult to work around.

Calibre Book Server, and Everything Else

If you like to read, you could do a lot worse than to set up up a library using the Calibre ecosystem. Recently, that's just what I did, and I'd be pretty proud of myself if it wasn't for the fact that it was so darned easy. Well, mostly.

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