Farewell, Firefox

In the eyes of many of my associates, I am probably a bit late coming to this realization: Firefox has memory issues that are just not going away. I've tried to work around this by using another browser for any "important" browsing. I've tried re-installing different versions of Firefox. I've just tried exporting my bookmarks and uninstalling it permanently, and that seems to have fixed the issue.

CSS: Chrome Element Inspector

There are times when you are working on a page that you will encounter something that just doesn’t look right. A line is the wrong color, a space is too big, a block is in the wrong place. If it’s straight HTML, it’s easy enough to fix that. If you add styles to the mix, it begins to get a little trickier. And if you add multiple styles, includes, in the header, in-line, with some from contributed modules you’ve never cracked open and others from core code you’re not supposed to touch, well, it can get almost difficult. But just “almost”.

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