CSS: Chrome Element Inspector

There are times when you are working on a page that you will encounter something that just doesn’t look right. A line is the wrong color, a space is too big, a block is in the wrong place. If it’s straight HTML, it’s easy enough to fix that. If you add styles to the mix, it begins to get a little trickier. And if you add multiple styles, includes, in the header, in-line, with some from contributed modules you’ve never cracked open and others from core code you’re not supposed to touch, well, it can get almost difficult. But just “almost”.

CSS: Website Font Customization

Because I have a pathological problem with leaving well enough alone, I was looking for yet another way to tweak my blog and hit on font customization. Web standards organizations and browser distributors are slowly converging on something approximating an agreement on how this is going to work. While we aren't really "there" yet, we're closer than ever before. Close enough, anyway.


Drupal: GeSHi Code Filtering

Recently, while searching through the web for a code snippet, I can across a site where the code was displayed just as it would look in an IDE. The comments, functions, variables, operators, etc, were all highlighted in different colors. This made the code really pop out, so that you could more easily follow the variables through a function, or ignore the comments. I thought that I had to get me some of that.

DHTML: Simple Menu

I needed a DHTML menu for a project I was working on, and was able to find about a jillion of them on the web. Unfortunately, they were all a bit more than I wanted to bother with. I didn't need it to jump off the page, I didn't need it to emulate a windows tool-bar, and I didn't need it to load a 200k library of support functions. I just wanted it to expand and close to display a large set of menu options in a non-cluttered manner.

I was forced to write it myself.

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