Troubleshooting ODBC Errors

Sometimes, Windows doesn't want to tell you anything useful. Sometimes, PHP wants to flat lie to you. I ran into a couple roadblocks recently while setting up PHP on a Windows server, and I thought it might be nice of me to share the experience. That way, next time this happens, I only need to read my own blog to see how I handled it last time.


Windows: IIS Log Housekeeping

I have a server that fills up with IIS logs. Over a week or two, the logs end up eating the entire c: drive and the box crashes like a drunk teenager. I spent a few lunch hours trawling Google to find some kind of script to clean out the oldest several days worth of logs automatically. I used just those words: "automatically delete IIS logs", in a few different combos. Also tried "archive old IIS logs", "dump flippin' web logs", and "Aaarrrrrrggggh!". Didn't have a lot of luck. Found a few commercial apps, but I'm religiously adverse to paying for simple code, so I kept looking, long past the point where I could have written something myself to deal with the issue.

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