Lightbox2: Adding a Download Link

I implemented the truly awesome Lightbox2 Drupal module for one of my customers recently. It performed as advertised pretty much out of the box. The photo gallery displayed in beautiful DHTML just like the big boys did it. Only problem, as was quickly pointed out to me, was that there was no way to actually download the pictures. Interesting oversight.

DHTML: Simple Menu

I needed a DHTML menu for a project I was working on, and was able to find about a jillion of them on the web. Unfortunately, they were all a bit more than I wanted to bother with. I didn't need it to jump off the page, I didn't need it to emulate a windows tool-bar, and I didn't need it to load a 200k library of support functions. I just wanted it to expand and close to display a large set of menu options in a non-cluttered manner.

I was forced to write it myself.

JavaScript: Masking eMail Addresses

Spammers are evil people with crafty tools. Their nefarious 'bots are constantly spidering the web, looking for injudiciously displayed email addresses. Post your email address on a board on one day, you can count on 200 offers for cut rate "\/!agra" the next. What is the conscientious web master to do?!?


JavaScript: Parsing URL parameters

Here's a nifty little JavaScript function that will read the URL of the the current page and return the value of a requested parameter:

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