Linux: Ubuntu 10.04 Impressions

Needing a good environment for some web projects I've been putting off, I recently built out one of my spare PCs with Ubuntu 10.04. I've generally been a fan of the CentOS distributions for server purposes, but I've been so impressed with the strides Canonical has been making on the desktop, I figured they deserved a look as a server platform. The two word review is, "Good enough".

Linux: When your Network Interfaces Fail to Start

I got into a bit of unplanned primary research last night when the network interfaces on my new CentOS server started not, ummm, starting.  So I thought, "no biggie", and got to the Googling.  I tried "network interfaces not starting" and found the "network start" command which was illuminating but not helpful.  I watched the command window as it started, first, the "Ampache" interface, then the "Main" interface.  I also observed CentOS' nifty little network interface configuration app as the Ampache interface went active, and then inactive after just a few seconds.  I had my first clue.



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