Review: AudioGalaxy

I've played with home radio apps in the past, things like Icecast and Shoutcast, as a way to have easy access to my rather large music collection. They've been "ok", but they've always seemed a little kludgy, and in this age of mobile access, the app suite really wasn't fully formed. On top of that, these were more broadcast tools than music selection tools. What if I wanted to hear something different than what my playlist was offering me right now?

[UPDATE] Google bought these guys and turned the lights off. I'm using Subsonic these days. 2/27/13


PHP: Scripting a Mixtape

I had long held on to my hobby of making mix CDs long after I actually stopped buying my music in that form. It was a neat way to create a little musical time capsule, and the products of this little tradition became treasured favorites during my long commutes. But time moves on, and now it’s becoming obvious what an inflexible annoyance Mix CDs are compared to the alternative: Playlists.

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