Troubleshooting ODBC Errors

Sometimes, Windows doesn't want to tell you anything useful. Sometimes, PHP wants to flat lie to you. I ran into a couple roadblocks recently while setting up PHP on a Windows server, and I thought it might be nice of me to share the experience. That way, next time this happens, I only need to read my own blog to see how I handled it last time.


PHP: Scripting a Mixtape

I had long held on to my hobby of making mix CDs long after I actually stopped buying my music in that form. It was a neat way to create a little musical time capsule, and the products of this little tradition became treasured favorites during my long commutes. But time moves on, and now it’s becoming obvious what an inflexible annoyance Mix CDs are compared to the alternative: Playlists.

PHP: Elapsed time and page performance

A recent project had me scouring a code base for the cause of a site's incredibly poor performance. The site was pulling data from all over the place, and the code was extremely modular, nested, and non-linear, so tracking down the actual "Herbie" in the process was a real challenge. One of the first things I did was put together some "stopwatch" code to test the length of time each section took to run, as well as to test the impact of various changes on overall page load times. Here's what I came up with to measure and output the information.

Ubercart: Product Imports

When a client asked me to build him an eCommerce site that allowed him to occasionally re-upload his product catalog, it seemed like Drupal and UberCart would be the obvious solution. Both are well established projects with tons of high-quality free plug-in modules. It was a safe bet there was a collection of downloads I could assemble like Lego bricks into the perfect site. But, oddly enough, it turns out that the product upload capability was simply not supported.

Drupal: File Uploads

Like most Drupal tasks, uploading a file is dirt simple. But only if you already know how. Lucky for you, I do.



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