Case Flipping By Hot-Key

There's this one app I work in that has the annoying feature of activating my Caps Lock key on certain screens. Depending upon how much keyboard work I'm doing, I might not notice until I write one of my associates a text message and find that I'm screaming at them about the time I hit the "Send" key. They are used to the app so they just laugh when they see it. But, in my mind, there is virtually no annoyance too trivial to fix with an overly complex script. Or four of them,

Evernote Due Date Workaround

Man, I love me some Evernote. It's like Texas Pete: I use it with EVERYthing. But the folks running the shop there are a bunch of turtle-neck wearing iSnobs, and all the coolest stuff they do comes last to Windows. And it arrives buggy. And kinda stays that way.

Productivity is a bit of a hobby with me, so I was rather happy when Reminders finally came to Evernote on Windows. But the reminders come with an amazing failure: There is no simple way to view notes that are due, or overdue, today. And, oddly enough, those are the only notes I really care about.

Productivity: Eating A Live Toad

All of us can become overwhelmed with the sheer volume of projects and tasks thrown our way. Sometimes, when staring at an inbox with 45 new messages and a blinking overdue task reminder, one can become paralyzed from not knowing where to begin. It's best to have a standing policy in times such as this to give you a quick answer to that question, so that when your brain is not at its best, you can still keep moving. My policy is "Start with the toad."

Productivity: The Next Step

I've become quite the disciple of the "Getting Things Done" methodology and it's many variations in the last few years. I've found it brings a clarity to one's obligations and goals that I've simply never been able to achieve through any other means. There are an innumerable number of tips and tricks one can use to manage one's tasks, but one of David Allen's best points was made almost as an aside in his book.

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