PHP: Scripting a Mixtape

I had long held on to my hobby of making mix CDs long after I actually stopped buying my music in that form. It was a neat way to create a little musical time capsule, and the products of this little tradition became treasured favorites during my long commutes. But time moves on, and now it’s becoming obvious what an inflexible annoyance Mix CDs are compared to the alternative: Playlists.

The more I know me ...

Greplin is a new web based service of which I recently became aware. It's claim to fame is that it's the Google for sites that Google can't see: Namely, password protected sites behind which we post and store data in a manner than protects our privacy but makes it difficult to search. Now you can have your cake and eat it to.

Tasker’s For Hackers

I've been tweaking my android for a couple months now, and have recently become enamored (obsessed?) with an app called Tasker. It's like a vendor sanctioned root-kit with a built in development platform. It's the kind of thing that couldn't happen on iOS, and ought to come with a warning label. It slices. It dices. It makes curly fries. This app is cooler than the other side of the pillow.

CSS: Chrome Element Inspector

There are times when you are working on a page that you will encounter something that just doesn’t look right. A line is the wrong color, a space is too big, a block is in the wrong place. If it’s straight HTML, it’s easy enough to fix that. If you add styles to the mix, it begins to get a little trickier. And if you add multiple styles, includes, in the header, in-line, with some from contributed modules you’ve never cracked open and others from core code you’re not supposed to touch, well, it can get almost difficult. But just “almost”.

PHP: Random MP3 Collector

I have a pretty nifty little SanDisk MP3 player I like to use in my car. It'll play almost anything and will hold a fairly large cache of songs so that I can put it on random and pleasantly surprise myself with little nuggets of aural goodness. Unfortunately, I have to manual select files from my relatively large collection to add to the MP3 player which, in addition to being a bit of work, removes a large chunk of the serendipity from the experience. So, naturally, I wrote something to fix that.



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