Evernote Due Date Workaround

Man, I love me some Evernote. It's like Texas Pete: I use it with EVERYthing. But the folks running the shop there are a bunch of turtle-neck wearing iSnobs, and all the coolest stuff they do comes last to Windows. And it arrives buggy. And kinda stays that way.

Productivity is a bit of a hobby with me, so I was rather happy when Reminders finally came to Evernote on Windows. But the reminders come with an amazing failure: There is no simple way to view notes that are due, or overdue, today. And, oddly enough, those are the only notes I really care about.

There is actually, syntax to view notes due today, and only today:

reminderTime:day -reminderTime:day+1

In the vernacular of Evernote, that translates to, "Show me everything due today or later, minus the later ones." Paste that into the search field, then select "Save Search" from the drop down. Initiate the drop down again and drag it under favorites. Then, every time you want to run that search, just click the favorites.

There's only two problems with this:
1. It ignores tasks then went due on any other day but today.
2. It doesn't work in Windows.

Any search criteria with a "plus" sign breaks the search string, and adds anything after it to another search parameter, So, the string above becomes, "Show me everything due today or later, minus anything due today or later, and it needs to have a 1 in it."

And it's been like that since the launch of this feature in mid-2013.


Anyway, here's one way to fix it. For this solution you need AutoHotKey and a StartUp Script.

The solution lies in the fact that, while variable search strings are hopelessly broken, constant ones seem to work fine. So, if you replaced the string above with this one ...

reminderTime:19000101 -reminderTime:20140606

... it would work fine. Of course, that's a painful chunk of typing every time you want to see the due/overdue notes for any folder. So I created a tiny AHK combination to do the math for me:

; "Due" search string
dDate =
dDate += 1, days
FormatTime, dDate, %dDate%, yyyyMMdd
Send reminderTime:19000101 -reminderTime:%dDate%
Send {Enter}

Now, I select a folder, put the cursor in the search window, and hit [Win][ALT]v, and the requisite search string for today appears. You can even add a Send {Enter} if you want to save another keystroke.

It's a bit of a kludge but it'll have to do until Evernote gets around to fixing it from their end.


I made some modifications to this. Great starting point and thank you for putting in the initial work.

- added a weekly and monthly formula.

- instead of an actual time for reminderTime:<19000101> I just used "day/week/month"

I have instructions and the ahk script available here.


Glad to help you keep your "junk managed". :-) I'll be sure to scour your blog for ideas, as well.