The more I know me ...

Greplin is a new web based service of which I recently became aware. It's claim to fame is that it's the Google for sites that Google can't see: Namely, password protected sites behind which we post and store data in a manner than protects our privacy but makes it difficult to search. Now you can have your cake and eat it to.

The service starts off by requesting the somewhat scary right to log into your online resources as you so that it can index all of your firewalled information. Once it has your data cataloged, you can search on "Fred Smeggly" and see all of your upcoming meetings from Google Calendar, his clever posts to your wall in from Facebook, your shared email threads in GMail, and the secret profile you compiled about him on your EverNote account.

My initial reaction to the app was, "why"? I mean, if I need to know when my next dentists appointment is, I search my calendar, right? But the case they make is that while you may know you wrote "something" about a topic, but you don't always know where. Say you know you had intended to go somewhere on Cinco de Mayo, but it's not on your calendar. Why had you thought you'd made plans? Rather than wracking your brains and possibly missing a good excuse to eat burritos and drink margaritas, you do a quick Greplin search. And there it is -under a Facebook invite you'd accepted but (almost) completely forgotten. This type of lost-in-the-cloud incident is not, at least for me, entirely theoretical.

There's a nifty Chrome browser extension that allows you to search all your Greplin enabled accounts from a quick short-cut, or even from within Gmail. I really wish there were an Android app, but the offering is just too new. A little web research did reveal, however, that they were hiring Android and iPhone developers, so it's only a matter of time.

The basic service comes with most of the free services we all know and love and, for a few more bucks, you can add in premium services. They have to make a buck somehow.

If your online presence has become vast and unmanageable, give it a try. You never know what you'll find out about yourself.