Poor Man's Clipboard

I'm a huge fan of TeamViewer, and a slightly less huge fan of VNC. These are pretty good tools for managing a stable of servers. One thing, however, that has been a source of annoyance for me for quite some time is the inconsistent performance of the clipboard function, particularly between Windows and Linux.

So, here's a scenario: You are attempting to install gnuWidget. All the cool kids are raving about it, but no one maintains a modern package for it that runs on your favorite distro. So you go to the Oracle of Google and, between two blogs, a forum, and some guys weird signature, you think you have found a series of CLI lines that will solve all your problems.

Of course, you could just fire up whatever GUI based terminal tool you use and start entering the magic words, but there are an awful lot of them, along with some very particular placement of extended characters, and you aren't even sure how to type an umlaut. This is where a functioning clipboard would be nice.

I've found two ways to handle this problem: The first is use Google Docs. Log onto to GDrive on both computers, and treat a document as a sort of two-step clipboard. Paste into it on the client side, and cut from it on the server side. It's a pretty fast sync, and the page auto-refreshes.

The other way to do this is just use Putty. But I do love my GUIs.