Setting Recurring Evernote Reminders

Evernote is, at it's heart, a note taking application. It's in the name. That said, it has the makings of something far more than that. I like to use Evernote as a task tracker, with my own particular spin on the the Getting Things Done methodology. About the only thing really missing is a way to set up recurring tasks. Of course, there is a way around that.

I use Google Calendar to manage my personal schedule (as opposed to Exchange for work related events). It's free, feature packed, and I can share with my wife. It's also widely used enough to be one of the many sites supported by IFTTT (If This, Then That). If you aren't familiar with IFTTT, it is essentially a web based tool that acts as a sort of API to glue disparate systems together. It allows you to do something like set a trigger on rain being forecast for your neighborhood that sends you a text reminding you to pack an umbrella. Here's a simple "recipe" that links Google calendar to Evernote.

Here's how I do it:

First, I create a recurring Google Calendar event at 1 AM for 0 minutes. I usually don't have much going on at 1 AM, so these reminders are easy to find. I set the event color to pink to make them really stand out as different from real events.

Next, I set the recurrence pattern. Every Tuesday and Friday, once a month, whatever. I set the "Where" field to "IFTTT" because I'll be using that to drive the trigger. If applicable, I put a link to the related Evernote note in the notes field. There's an option in the Evernote client to open Evernote links from other applications in Evernote, which I have selected. If you choose "Copy Note Link" off the context sensitive menu in Evernote, that's the link you'd want to paste here.

Now that you have your task even set up, go to IFTTT and make sure you've registered your Google and Evernote accounts. Now create a new recipe (big blue button) and follow the wizard to select your components.

When you get to the recipe details form, this is what I have:

Recipe Title:
Events tagged "IFTTT" are copied to my inbox when triggered

Keyword or phrase:
IFTTT (pulled from your "Where" field)

Whatever you want to see in Evernote as the Subject

This depends upon what you like you notes to look like but, at a minimum, this:


Blank, or your inbox if it isn't your default

Totally up to you, but I use "IFTTT" at a minimum.

And that's it. It's pretty fire-and-forget. Every morning, my recurring tasks appear inside my Evernote inbox. If that's something you need, give it a shot.